Claire Simon, just about the biggest casting agent here in Chicago, annually holds one of the most worthwhile programs called "Food 4 Monologues".

This is such a wonderful way to give back to the community and see some of Chicago’s talented actors at the same time. Giving something to the less fortunate is something that we all should be passionately involved in wether you attend this event or not. This program is just so commendable and says so much about Claire and her entire community of staff and friends in the industry. This year will be even more exciting as it will be the second year that Meals 4 Monologues will be a nationwide Casting Society of America event, with casting offices throughout the country participating!

Actors are aware of how difficult it may sometimes be to have the opportunity to get casting agencies see the quality of their work. If you are planning to attend this wonderful event, we, here at the Chicago Actors Studio, would like to see you put your best foot forward. Preparing for an audition of this magnitude is something that you should be seriously considering. To help you accomplish this, and to help give you that edge, the teachers here at CAS are willing to devote their time and skills and hold a free on-camera audition seminar on Friday evening at 7pm-9pm November 8th. This will also give you time to make any adjustments you many need before your audition on November 11th. The art of auditioning is a skills all to itself. You can be a wonderfully trained actor and still not get parts because of lacking basic audition skills, so we urge you to consider attending this seminar.
After all it will cost you nothing except to invest your time and passion.

Even if you may decide not to attend this worthwhile event, we urge you to still be involved by donating whatever nonperishable food you can, by simply dropping off your donation on Nov 11th at Simon Casting 1512 N Fremont suite#203 Chicago, IL 10am-5:pm OR sometime before the holidays at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (

Claire Simon Casting will audition everyone who brings in 2 non-perishable food items for their food drive. Open call auditions will be on Monday, November 11th from 10am – 12pm, and from 1pm – 3pm (Please be sure to arrive BEFORE 3pm so that they are able to see everyone BY 5 o’clock!). If you arrive after 3pm, they cannot guarantee that you’ll be seen. Audition site: 1512 N. Fremont, #203.

• Prepare one 2-minute contemporary monologue and bring one headshot/resume.

• Come with your holiday spirit! It’s an open call so there may be a wait. ☺

• Please remember that non-perishable items include pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, canned goods, crackers, and toiletries (soap, toothpaste, etc.).

All donations will go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository (

Wishing all of you much success

the staff at
The Chicago Actors Studio
2040 North Elston Ave
Chicago, IL 560638