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Da Rich Kidz and Vivoman Stand Up Against Bullying During Bully Prevention Month!

Da Rich Kidz and Vivoman Stand Up Against Bullying During Bully Prevention Month

Da Rich Kidzz and Vivoman Help Young People Live To Stand
(Los Angeles, Ca. October 2013) Da Rich Kidz and Vivoman have partnered for the launch of the Stand Up Anti-Bullying campaign with the group serving as the “band ambassadors” for the project. The mission is to get every school age child in the country wearing an anti-bully wristband in an effort to Live Standing Up against bullying. Da Rich Kidzz will visit schools across the country as the band ambassadors and help to place a teal wristband (the official anti-bully color) on every child in the country.
Grade schools across the nation will compete for the chance to have Da Rich Kidz come their school for a special performance and block party hosted by Vivoman and Big Boi’s BBQ. The schools who take to twitter and join the campaign to Stand Up against bullying will be treated to special surprise gifts and incentives from the hot young Hip-hop group Da Rich Kidzz.

Vivoman and Da Rich kids are set to launch an Indiegogo campaign during Bully Prevention Month in an effort to raise the funds needed to provide bands for every school age youth in the country. Jointly, they have pledged to combat the staggering statistics of bullying in this country. According to school bullying statistics in the United States show that about one in four kids in the U.S. are bullied on a regular basis. Between cyber bullying and bullying at school, the school bullying statistics illustrate a huge problem with bullying within the American school system. There is a strong link between bullying and suicide and, as suggested by recent bullying-related suicides in the US in the US and other countries. Parents, teachers, and students must learn the dangers of bullying to help students who may be at risk of committing suicide.
Young people across America will take to social media and campaign to end bullying at their schools by tweeting their support for Da Rich Kidzz/ Vivoman anti-bully campaign. These hashtags will be sent to schools to use to promote their school: #LiveStandingUp #SupportAnti-Bullying #school #DaRichKidz #Vivoman #cometomyschool. Three lucky schools across the country who raise the most awareness and/or funds for the Indiegogo campaign will win a free concert/block party provided by Big Boi’s BBQ and Da Rich Kidzz.

MY LIMO sponsored by KMART
Hot Cheetos and Takis

Stand Up Against Bullies!
Vivoman Owner, Greg Plummer created the clothing line's logo in a period of grieving due to the passing of his twin sister and felt that Da Rich Kidz were the perfect partners to champion the crusade against bullying and aide his hope to give each kid the opportunity to “Live Standing Up” “Those who wear Vivoman clothing are not boasting… rather, they are saying, "Let’s all try to do good together." Says Greg. "Vivo means life and the word is symbolic of life when turned upside down Vivoman is a symbol for life and represents live standing up for humanity and the empowerment that results from doing good things."
For more info and to support the cause visit.
For interviews contact Octavia Bostick at

Vivoman encourages dreamers to imagine and adventure seekers to travel and discover the world's offerings. It's a symbol for people to stand up against bullying and unnecessary hurt, to have empathy toward your fellow humans, to respect others, to celebrate survivors, to offer support when the opportunity arises and to inspire others to do good things. "L I V E" stands for Live, Inspire, Visualize and Empathy". If every individual strives for a harmonious existence with fellow human beings, animals and all living creatures we share the world with, our inner knowledge of caring will become our strength to survive
Da Rich Kidzz are: Freeman Hickman “Frizzy Free,” Glenn Carter “G-6,” Jasionia White “Lady J,” Antwon Lymas Jr. “Ben10,” Glentrel Carter “FlyGuy Carter,” Nasir Smith “Kid Nas” and producer Tony Everett “Chips.”
This group is blazing hot with a current campaign/endorsement from K-Mart and is finalizing negotiations with Awesomeness TV for a new show in the Nickelodeon lineup. The group has received reviews from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Complex, Fader, NY Times and the Daily News. They recently signed on to K-Mart to do a national online viral campaign, commercials and a clothing deal, out-performing all expectations they continue to add millions of hits on YouTube. Their video Hot Cheetos & Takis was the song that took them to the top.
Vivoman Stand Up!

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