Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Emmy Award-Winning Nationally Televised Educational Program Green Screen Adventures Launches New Website

 Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting Co., is proud to announce a new state-of-the-art interactive website for itsEmmy® Award-winning nationally-televised educational program Green Screen Adventures, broadcast locally on WCIU, The U, Me-TV and Me-Too and on THIStv. Green Screen Adventures is also seen on Weigel Broadcasting's Me-TV Network which is carried by 145 affiliates and clears 87% of the United States.

The enhanced and redesigned Green Screen Adventures website now gives children a fun, interactive story creation tool and allows them to digitally draw pictures or upload their own drawings through the site. An improved search engine and filter enables students to browse more efficiently through the site and a tagging feature has been created to organize and categorize stories so kids can find what they want more easily. These features also allow kids the ability to 'high five' other students' stories as a way to compliment and recommend their work.

In addition to these new and updated features, the website
provides video writing prompts, teacher resources and behind-the-scenes photo galleries. The site also promotes collaboration among students; it serves as a place for kids to read and respond to stories written by other kids.

"The new story creator tool allows children to create their very own library of stories and original artwork right on the website. With one click, they can submit their work to Green Screen Adventures to be seen and shared on the website and possibly included in one of the shows on TV," says Gail Sikevitz, director of educational programming at Weigel Broadcasting Co.

Since the premiere of Green Screen Adventures in March 2007, works from more than 2,000 students have been featured in 350 episodes. Its mission is to promote literacy, child-by-child, school-by-school, engaging as many children as possible. When the stories are brought to life on Green Screen Adventures, the student authors realize that their words have power and that their voices are being heard which in turn grows self-esteem and builds enthusiasm for reading and writing.

In addition to Me-TV's exposure of students' creative works, the young authors have garnered acclaim nationwide in their communities through featured articles, mayoral recognition, celebrations, and school and other civic commendations.

Green Screen Adventures, the nationally award-winning children's television show, selects writing and illustrations by students and brings them to life using story theatre, game shows, and puppetry. Visit them on Facebook at
and on Twitter at

About Weigel Broadcasting Co.
Weigel Broadcasting Co. and affiliate companies own and operate The U/WCIU-TV 26.1, The U Too/ WCIU-TV 26.2, Me-TV/WCIU-TV 26.3, Me-Too/WCIU-TV 26.4, THIS/ WCIU-TV 26.5, WWME-CA 23, WMEU-CA 48, Bounce TV/WWME-LD 23.2 in Chicago, IL; CBS/WDJT-TV 58.1, MeTV/WDJT-TV 58.2, THIS/WDJT-TV 58.3, Shorewest TV/WDJT-TV 58.4, Me-TV/WBME-CD 41.1,  WMLW-TV 49.1, Bounce TV/WMLW-TV 49.3 Telemundo-Wisconsin/WMLW-TV 49.4, Telemundo-Wisconsin/WYTU-LD 63.1,  in Milwaukee, WI; and ABC/WBND-LD  57.1, Me-TV/WBND-LD 57.2,  CW/WCWW-TV 25.1, THIS/WCWW-TV 25.2, My Michiana/WMYS-TV 69.1, Telemundo-South Bend/WMYS-LD2, 69.2 in South Bend, IN. Weigel Broadcasting Co. also owns and operates the Me-TV, Memorable Entertainment Television network and in collaboration with MGM, created and operates THIStv Network.

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