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Libation, Music & Mapping the Occult: Upcoming LFAC Events

Courtly Consorte
Saturday, November 3, 2012
8 PM
Suggested donation:
$10 advance/$15 at the door

For info and registration: or 773-327-7224
Groove to the music of the ancestors!
Lend thine ear to the music of the Renaissance, folk & rock
with…Courtly Consorte
Be transported to an earlier time of mystery, enjoy a cavalcade of tunes from our musical heritage. Courtly Consorte plays early music, Renaissance, and folk music.…followed by Aaron & Kellyann's blend of original and cover folk & rock acoustic music…..

Courtly Consorte is:  Kellyann Binkowski, Aaron Hermann, and Sue Niedzwiecki.

and Facebook Courtly Consorte More information

Faces of the Dark Goddess

with Szmeralda Shanel

Sunday, November 4, 2012
10 AM - 4 PM


Info/registration: or  773-327-7224

Preregistration required

Now in the time of the ancestors and the thinning veil, we open to the wisdom of Dark Goddess. She is Tiamat, Oya, Sedna,  Nephtys, Kali, The Morrighan, her names are many.  In this workshop participants will create a sacred mask of a chosen Dark Goddess. Through mask-making, ritual, song, dance and storytelling we will meet , honor and celebrate the various faces of the Dark Goddess. This class is open to all, no prerequisites.

Szmeralda Shanel is a visual, performance and ritual artist. She holds an MA in expressive arts therapy and has been working as a teaching artist for fifteen years. A priestess with the international Fellowship of Isis and Temple of Isis, Szmeralda is the founder of the Iseum of Black Isis, a temple dedicated to Goddess Spirituality and Sacred Arts. This class may be taken for 5 NCBTMB credit hours**

More information

Wild Onion Grove Samhain celebration

Sunday, November 4, 2012
4:30pm - 7:30pm

For info contact (312) 489-8610 or

Please join Wild Onion Grove at our Samhain celebration honoring the Ancestors.

Ár nDraíocht Féin ("our own druidry" in modern Irish) started in 1983 as an offshoot of the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA).
Wild Onion Grove ADF is an eclectic Druid Grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin serving the Chicagoland area, holding public rituals and committed to serving the Gods, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits within a modern context.  We are currently in our 17th year as a Grove and keep the High Days, working strictly with Indo-European Gods and Goddesses, finding new and creative ways to approach the Divine. We would love to have you join your voice to ours as we seek out the wisdom They share with us. We always give a pre-rite briefing for newcomers so that they know what to expect.

We ask that attendants please bring a donation of non-perishable food (no glass, please) to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository. You may also bring Praise Offerings to the Deity of the occasion. Donations to the Grove are welcome but never necessary.

More Information

Beginning Astrology Level 2

with Lin Ewing

6 Mondays, November 5 - December 10, 2012

7:30 - 9:30 PM

$180 or 773-327-7224

BEGINNING ASTROLOGY LEVEL 2 continues and builds on the work of Level 1 by providing a deeper understanding of the elements and basics of astrology.  The class considers:
  • Transits - how planets move through our charts throughout our life
  • Progressions - the changes in configuration of the chart throughout our life
  • Synastry - how people interact with one another based on their astrological configurations
  • Composite Charts - the separate "entity" that forms when 2 people blend into one in a relationship
  • Solar Arcs - how the difference between progressed Sun and natal Sun on a particular day helps forecast events
  • Solar Returns - a snapshot of ourselves for a year, from birthday to birthday, showing the issues & events in that one year period
Astrologer Lin Ewing is the proprietor of Astrological Details, where she practices astrology and also gives Akashic Record readings.

More information
Runic Divination

with Kiel Milner

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
7 - 9 PM

Suggested Donation:  $20

Preregistration required

For info and registration: info@LifeForceArts.orgor 773-327-7224

Join us for the second level of the lore and magic of the runes, an ancient Norse-Germanic divination system. We will cover the basics of runic spreads and divination: being able to receive wise spiritual advice from Higher Self by means of the runes, asking and receive answers to questions one may have by reading the runes. We will work with the runes of the Elder Futhark. Pre-requisite: an exposure to the Futhark Runes and their lore. Please bring a set of runes if you have them. This is one of three classes in the Lore & Magic of the Runes series with Kiel Milner. The other two are: Intro to Runes and Bind Runes & Magic - December 5. Vitki Kiel Milner has been practicing runes for 20 years and is considered a rune master by the gods of this system.

More information

Drumming the Chakras:

Intro to Shamanic Journeying

with Joan Forest Mage & Kevin Seymour

Friday, November 9, 2012
7 - 10 pm

Suggested donation: $20
Info & registration: or 773-327-7224

Experience a powerful healing ritual as Shamanic Practitioners Joan Forest Mage and Kevin Seymour cleanse the chakras (energy centers) of each participant through singing and drumming. We will learn the ancient meditation technique of shamanic journeying to the spirit realm, gaining wisdom and healing from angels, ancestors, totem animals and other helpful spiritual beings. Beginners welcome, no previous experience necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Joan Forest Mage, founder and Executive Director of Life Force Arts Foundation, has served as a shamanic artist, healer and educator in her hometown of Chicago since 1995. Visit Kevin Seymour is a Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner. He has studied Shamanism through Joan Forest Mage's Shamanic Training Program.

More information

Family Constellations Soul Work

with Danuta Jirik

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 AM - 4 PM

Info & registration: or 773-327-7224
Preregistration required

Read Danuta's article on Family Constellations Soul Work in Transcendent Journeys ezine

The patterns that come down through our ancestral lines determine how we see ourselves, how we choose to live, how we relate to others. We often carry the pain of our families, even back many generations to ancestors we are not consciously aware of. Their unresolved traumas and unfinished business eventually turn into our symptoms and problems. Illness, anxiety, addictions, emotional and physical pain, relationship issues, money issues, and lack of success can all be forms of unspoken family loyalty.

In Family Constellations Soul-Work, we open a sacred space in which participants help one another by representing each others family members and ancestors, enacting scenes from the past. Through this process, unresolved family issues can be seen and brought towards resolution.  Within a day, your life can change as you let go of entanglements and burdens and reconnect to your own destiny. This class may be taken for 5 NCBTMB credit hours** Danuta Jirik, Ph.D. is a holistic/shamanic healer. She is certified by Bert Hellinger in his 'Moving with the Spirit-Mind New Family Constellations', and completed advanced training with Mark Wolynn of Hellinger Institute of PA. She blends her shamanic training with the constellation work in a unique and powerful way, holding a safe space in partnership with the compassionate healing and healing spirits. Visit Danuta's website:
More information

Connecting with Crystals

with Steven Blaine Adams

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
7 - 10 PM

Preregistration required

 773-327-7224 or

Read Steve's article about crystals in Transcendent Journeys ezine

The art of healing with gemstones is thousands of years old. Shamans and medicine men knew the power of crystals and passed it down to the present day. This workshop is designed to give you essential principles and tools to build your relationship with crystals, and to understand and utilize their magical and healing properties. You will learn how to: 
  • work with crystals for healing and empowering mind, body and spirit
  • "program" stones: put an intention into a crystal to accomplish a goal
  • learn color theory as a simple, effective key to the energies of stones
  • cleanse stones of negative energy
  • build relationships with your crystals so you can receive their messages, healing and positive energy
Each student will apply what they have learned by working hands-on with the crystals to create a pendant or earrings as a charm for their own or another's healing. You will receive valuable handouts about planetary and chakra correspondences, crystals for aura protection, gem remedies for healing and more.
Steven Blaine Adams is an artist and designer who works with natural materials like stones and crystals to create symbols with spiritual resonance. He is LFAC's store designer,  and is on the curatorial committee for LFAC's art exhibits. Steve creates spirit-based jewelry, and has been a Tarot reader for 30 years. This class may be taken for 3 NCBTMB credit hours**

More information


Painting as an offering to the Ancestors

with Sujata Tibrewala

Genetic Heritage (c) Sujata Tibrewala
Thursday, November 15, 2012
7 - 10 PM

$70/$60 early registration by Nov. 8

Info/registration: or  773-327-7224

Preregistration required

Dig out the memories deep inside and translate them into physical reality in a painting personal to you. This workshop is inspired by the Hindi tradition of tarpan, which is a libation/tribute/offering to your ancestors. The workshop incorporates dynamic meditation which was designed by Osho to lead even the most beginning meditator and restless soul into tranquility and the depths of their own being, by progressively releasing the toxicity of the mind and body through 5 predefined stages. Next, we will use guided imagery to lead you back to the place of memories, to whatever your connection with your ancestors means to you. The instructor will then help you translate the vision you had during the meditation into a work of art (acrylic on canvas) by teaching you simple brush strokes and techniques which need no prior artmaking experience. The result is a painting which is made out of your own memory, and is your physical tribute to your ancestors. This class may be taken for 3 NCBTMB credit hours**

Sujata Tibrewala ( is a self taught artist who was trained as a postgraduate electrical engineer but in 2009 gave up her engineering career for her first love, art. Born in India, Sujata moved to the U.S. in 2010. She has been in solo and group exhibitions and conducted art workshops in India and the U.S.

More information


A pre-conference for the Annual Meeting of the
American Academy of Religions

Presented by DePaul University and Phoenix Rising Academy

Friday, November 16, 2012

8:30 AM - 10 PM

Free admission

This event will be held at:
DePaul University, Daley Building, 14 E. Jackson Blvd, Room 806, Chicago
(Corner of Jackson Blvd. & State St)

This  one-day symposium focuses on the city as a locus for power and knowledge, both hidden and revealed. It incorporates academic panels presented by an international assembly of religious scholars, presentations on Occult Chicago, and an evening performance and roundtable.

Joan Forest Mage, Executive Director of Life Force Arts Center, will be one of the participants in the Roundtable Discussion at 7 PM. Other presenters include Michael Bertieaux, Matthew Ellenwood, Keith Green,
Preston Klik, Jason Winslade. Full event schedule & info:

The mission of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) is to promote reflection upon and understanding of religious traditions, issues, questions, and values through excellence in scholarship and teaching in the field of religion.  A professional association of teachers and research scholars, the American Academy of Religion has over 10,000 members

More information

Learn How To Meditate

with Light Watkins

Friday, November 16, 2012
Free Intro Session 7 - 8:30 PM
Saturday November 17, 8 - 9:30 AM & 6 - 7:30 PM
Sunday November 18,
8 - 9:30 AM & 6 - 8 PM

info at
Pre-registration required. Please call (646) 450-3426 to register
The course is offered for a sliding-scale contribution

- Learn how to meditate in a way that feels deeply restful
- Beginners with busy minds and hectic lives are welcome
- Ancient but non-religious technique with straightforward instructions
- Short practice times with NO uncomfortable seated positions
- Gradual, step-by-step approach to learning and practicing
- Get results: you will be self-sufficient after only four 90-minute sessions

More information

Voices of the Ancestors

a concert with Cathy McManamon & Margaret Brumann

Saturday, November 17, 2012
8:30 PM

Suggested donation:
$10 advance/$15 at the door

Info/registration: or 773-327-7224

Read Cathy's article "Every Song Tells a Story" in LFAC's Transcendent Journeys ezine 

At this time of year when the veil between worlds is thin, the voices of our Ancestors can be heard on the wind, in the trees, and in songs.  Their experience and wisdom resonates through the ages.  Are we listening?  Can we hear them?  What do they have to say to us? Featuring original music and covers from well-known songwriters, guitarist Cathy McManamon and bassist Margaret Brumann bring you songs that come from the wisdom of the Ancestors.  Journey from the dawning of life in primordial oceans, through the ancient forests, through stone and light to the present day where we now breathe, live, and act.  Our Ancestors of blood and spirit have much to tell us, if we are ready to listen.

More information

Forecasting with Astrology:

Transits of Uranus

with Joseph Polise 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

12 - 3 pm

$55/$45 early registration by November 15
Preregistration required

Info/registration 773-327-7224 or 

Joe Polise presents a series of classes on Forecasting with Astrology. Transits are the most popular astrological forecasting tool; while simple in concept, understanding both the salient and less obvious features of major transits is often challenging. In Transits of Uranus, we will review how the transits of this major planet influences natal horoscopes. How we distinguish orb of transit's influence, the relative "strength" of various transits, and other issues will be addressed. Please bring your own charts and an 21st century ephemeris. This is one of several seminars on Transits of the planets, including Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn & Pluto. 

Joseph Polise, C.A. NCGR-PAA, has been an active practitioner in astrology since 1990. He is vice president of Chicago's Friends of Astrology and Education Outreach Chair of Professional Astrologers' Alliance.

More information


art exhibit ~ performances ~ events
Sept. 21, 2012 - Jan. 8, 2013

Free admission to exhibit & Closing Reception

Gallery hours:
Mondays & Thursdays 1:30 - 6:30 pm & by appointment

Info: or 773-327-7224

Image: Sarcaphogas for My Mother (c) Marilyn Zimmerwoman
Honor and commune with the ancestors and explore the many meanings of heritage, lineage and identity at Ancestors, an art exhibit running September 21, 2012 - January 8, 2013 at Life Force Arts Center gallery, 1609 W Belmont, Chicago IL 60657. Closing Reception is Tuesday, January 8, 2013 from 7 - 9 PM. Workshops, performances and other events related to the theme of ancestors will also be held as part of the show.

The exhibit celebrates ancestry of various kinds: biological, spiritual, geographical, cultural, ethnic. Contemplating one's ancestors is about belonging, acknowledging or discovering who you are and how you express yourself, and understanding the primal instincts of your beginnings.  Cultural expressions including art, music, architecture and fashion are connected to ancestors and their creativity over the generations. There is also the aboriginal concept that all of nature is "the ancestors". However diluted our conscious knowledge or awareness of them may be, ancestors influence us.

More information

Open Drum Circle

with Cathy McManamon

Friday, November 23, 2012

8 - 10 pm

Suggested donation: $10
773-327-7224 or

Drumming is often called the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  Drumming has been shown to alter human brainwaves to an elevated state, reduce stress, speed healing, and just be plain fun.  Whether you have never played a drum before, have been drumming for years, or are somewhere in between, come join us for this open drum circle.  Drums of any kind, as well as shakers, tambourines, bells, sticks, vocals, body percussion, etc. are very welcome.  Some instruments will be available to borrow. Cathy McManamon is a musician who plays a variety of instruments.  A ritual drummer who enjoys supporting group energy and dynamics, Cathy has facilitated open drum circles and rhythm workshops at MuseCon, scout youth and leader events, and most recently at Life Force Arts Center. 

More information

Siria Family Channeling

Sharyl Noday

 with Sharyl Noday

 Thursday, November 29, 2012
 7:30 - 9 PM
 $25 advance; $30 at the door

 Info/registration: or  773-327-7224

 This event is held once a month on a Thursday

"The Channel and The Painter", an interview with Sharyl Noday by Liz Baudler in LFAC's Transcendent Journeys ezine

Experience a wonderful spiritual healing with Sharyl and the Siria Family! If there is anything you want to change and improve in your life, any "stuck" places, this is the event that can do it for you energetically. You will see Sharyl go into trance and bring through the beings of light called the Siria Family, who exist on the spiritual plane. They are funny, warm and wise, and they are here to assist us in our growth, and release the blocks that are holding us back in life. Their goal is to create heaven on earth. Witnessing Sharyl channeling is truly something to behold; this is real trance work. The end of the session is a meditation led by the Siria Family. It is powerful; you will have a shift. These beings love to heal, and that is their purpose in coming. You can trust Sharyl and the Siria Family.

Sharyl Noday is certified as an active Full Trance Channel and Channeling Teacher, and has over 25 years of study in metaphysics, multidimensioal consciousness and paranormal investigation. Please visit for more information.

More information


Forescasting with Astrology:

The Art of Reading Transits

with Joseph Polise 

Sunday, December 2, 2012
12 - 3 pm

$55/$45 early registration by November 30

Preregistration required
Info/registration 773-327-7224 or 

Joe Polise presents a series of classes on Forecasting with Astrology. Transits are the most popular astrological forecasting tool; while simple in concept, understanding both the salient and less obvious features of major transits is often challenging.  While forecasting with planetary transits is a central tool for an astrologer's skill set, many are not aware of the multiple levels of interpretation accessible to one using this technique. In this presentation, we will look at three distinct dimensions to transit work: the main impact of the transiting planet to a natal point; the houses ruled by the planets joined in the transit, by their birth position and house rulership.  Please bring your own natal charts and a 21st century ephemeris. This is one of several seminars on Transits of the planets, including Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn & Uranus.

Joseph Polise, C.A. NCGR-PAA, has been an active practitioner in astrology since 1990. He is vice president of Chicago's Friends of Astrology and Education Outreach Chair of Professional Astrologers' Alliance.

More information

Kriya Vedanta meditation

with Swami Purnatmananda Giri

Saturday, December 8, 2012
10 - 11:30 AM
Free admission

(815)267-8977, Email :

Public Lecture Series : Theory of Karma (Part 1)

The law of causality or the theory of Karma is the basic building blocks of all eastern philosophies. In simpler terms it explains that every individual has the freedom to choose an action to perform and that action will eventually brings result which the individual must experience. Though it sounds so simple, the complexities arise when we realize that most of our actions seem not decided by us but by circumstances. Do we have freedom to choose our own action ? Is there a self will ?  Why there is suffering and inequality ? How do we synthesize the idea of omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient God with law of Karma ? This interactive lecture series will shed light on the above subjects with discussion and Question & Answer.

Swami Purnatmananda Giri is a monk in the lineage of Kriya Yoga masters Paramahamsa Hariharananda and Paramahamsa Prajnanananda. Swamiji was born in India and trained as an Industrial Engineer. After completion of his study in India he came to the USA to pursue higher studies.  He worked in a Fortune 500 Company in various roles for 11 years. Swamiji brings unique explanation of spiritual scriptures of both east and west through his experience in India and USA. Swamiji is a resident monk in Kriya Vedanta Gurukulam, Joliet, IL. Visit

More information

LFAC Holiday Party & Gift Faire

Saturday December 8, 2012
2 - 6 PM
Free admission

For information: 773-327-7224 or

Please join the LFAC family for a jolly time at our annual Holiday Party & Gift Faire. Enjoy refreshments, shopping from local artists and sing-a-long Christmas carols. Tarot and rune readings will be available, too, for guidance into the  New Year! Local artists will be present with lovely artwork, jewelry, ornaments, crystals, and more, for you to find those special holiday gifts in a loving, peaceful , fun atmosphere.
Admission is free.  Everyone who attends will receive a door prize (from good St. Nick!) as a Holiday gift to you, such as books, crystal specimens, CD's and cards. Stay for our FREE raffle of a one-of-a-kind crystal necklace from the Steven Blaine Adams Collection.

More information

Himalayan Singing Bowls

with Edward Farnham

Saturday, December 15, 2012

7 PM
Suggested donation: $10 advance/$15 door

Info/registration: or 773-327-7224

Read Edward's article about Himalayan singing bowls in Transcendent Journeys ezine.

This performance features overlapping layers of sound healing modalities, including Himalayan singing bowls, ganta bells, ting shaws (cymbals), gong, and mantra.
The instruments are made by Tibetan monks both as a method of healing and as meditation instruments, as part of a highly symbolic spiritual process using an alloy of at least seven metals, including pure steel from asteroids that hit the world's rooftop in the Himalayas.  They are formulated by the monks to work on many planes of our multidimensional being and can facilitate emotional catharsis, the release of blocked energies, and healing from the physical to spiritual.  They sound beautiful with primary notes and layers of overtones.  Mantras are words of power that use the primal creative force of sound as primal emanations for affecting any facet of our universal experience.  Together the instruments and mantra can function on many levels for profound effect.  Edward Farnham has studied numerous spiritual and healing techniques, including Himalayan bowls and sound healing with Richard Rudis, and mantra with Thomas Ashley-Farrand and his wife, Margalo or Satyabhama, two of the world's foremost experts on Hindu mantra. Edward is a singer with the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus ( and a painter who attempts to use the creative force as a vehicle to the divine.

More information

Team LFA thanks you!

photo: Kat Kidwell

A big THANK YOU to all who donated to the
Team LFA Campaign

From Sept. 10 - Oct. 30, 2012, we raised almost $1400 towards our goal of $10,000.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!


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Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Newsletter November 2012

DCASE enewsletter
NOVEMBER 2012    Bookmark and Share
Fall in Chicago is filled with festivals, events, exhibitions, and programs of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.
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in this issue
Upcoming Events! Tis The Season Santa's Midwest Workshop Opens Tuesday, November 20! Calling All Sugar Plum Fairies Thank A Veteran Chicago Cultural Center Happenings 2011 Annual Report

Tis The Season
Tree Lighting Ceremony, Presenting Sponsor UL

New Date For Tree Lighting Ceremony

Tuesday, November 20 Prospect Heights Tree Picked to Serve as Chicago's 99th Christmas Tree
The City of Chicago and UL are proud to present the 99th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Daley Plaza, Tuesday, November 20 (NEW DATE) beginning at 4:30 pm. The Theiszman family of Prospect Heights, Illinois, is donating this year's tree and will have the opportunity to light the tree and usher in the holiday season in Chicago.
During the summer and early fall, residents submitted their trees to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. With the assistance of The Brickman Group (landscaping/tree professionals), the 64-foot Colorado Spruce from Prospect Heights was chosen and will be cut down on Thursday, November 1 and delivered to Daley Plaza the evening of November 2.
The Theiszman family will be joined by Santa Claus and emcees for the ceremony, Dean Richards of WGN TV and Angelica Antondo of Univision News Chicago to light the tree on Tuesday, November 20. The ceremony will begin with a musical program at 4:30 p.m.
The ceremony will include a special performance by the cast of the Goodman Theater's 35th Anniversary of The Christmas Carol. Also performing select holiday songs is the recently formed group of male vocalists, Gentleman's Rule. The holiday season will officially commence at 5:00 p.m., when the switch is flipped and the lights begin to sparkle!

Santa's Midwest Workshop Opens Tuesday, November 20!
UL Santa House
The UL Santa House opens on Tuesday, November 20 at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm, with special hours on Wednesday, November 21 from 11:00 am - 8:00 pm and Thanksgiving Day from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm.
Regular visiting hours and house tours start Friday, November 23 and continue every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through December 14 from 11:00 am - 8:00 pm.
During Christmas week, December 17-23: the house will be open each day from 11:00 am - 8:00 pm, with special hours on Christmas Eve from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm.
And once again, "the Bean" highlights the season with song. Caroling at Cloud Gate
returns with evening concerts on five consecutive Fridays at 6 pm beginning with Friday, November 23. And remember skaters, the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink
opens for business again on Friday, November 16. Skating is free and rentals are available for $10. It's the perfect way to burn off those holiday calories.

Calling All Sugar Plum Fairies
Dance-Along Nutcracker®
The Dance-Along Nutcracker® is back! Join us on Sunday, December 9 for this annual holiday tradition at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington. At 11 am and 2 pm, dance workshops will be conducted by the ARCC Ballet followed by a noon and 3 pm performance where all invited to dance-along with the popular Tchaikovsky's holiday favorite under the Tiffany Dome of Preston Bradley Hall, with music provided by the Lakeside Pride Symphonic Band.
Professional dancers from Ballet Chicago will lead the dance-along.
The Dance-Along Nutcracker®, created in 1985 is the property of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, the world's first openly gay musical organization. Any use of the name, concept or imagery without the written permission of SFLGFB is prohibited.

Thank A Veteran
American Flag
The City of Chicago will host its annual Veterans Day Commemoration on November 10 at 10 am at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located on Chicago's Riverwalk between State and Wabash. Veterans Day commemorates the Armistice signed on November 11, 1918 signaling the end of World War I and as become designated as the day to thank and honor all living veterans who served honorably in the military in wartime or peacetime.

Chicago Cultural Center Happenings
Umbrella Music Festival: European Jazz Meets Chicago
Umbrella Music Festival: European Jazz Meets Chicago
Wednesday, November 7th & Thursday, November 8th
For information on artists please go to
Chicago Opera Vanguard
The Suitcase Opera Project

A work-in-progress
November 8-10
7:30 pm
The Suitcase Opera Project, a new non-fiction opera, excavates a "curious box of letters" purchased off E-Bay that reveals a lost history of post-Kinsey/pre-Stonewall queer America.

On the stage of Jay Pritzker Pavilion 500 Clown

December 7-9
Friday and Saturday 7:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am
Sunday 3pm
Storefront Theater
The Q Brothers
A Christmas Carol

A work-in-progress
December 14-16
Friday and Saturday 7pm, Sunday 2pm
On the stage of Jay Pritzker Pavilion
The Collaborative City
A Call for Public Programs at the Chicago Cultural Center
The Illinois Humanities Council, in cooperation with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, invites individuals, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations to host free public programs at the Chicago Cultural Center!
Your public event at the Chicago Cultural Center can use a range of formats - documentary film screenings and discussions, panel presentations, readings by public intellectuals, lectures by scholars, moderated discussions - to address matters of broad public interest among Chicagoans.
We're interested in identifying new and innovative programs to help us position the Chicago Cultural Center as an integral part of the city's civic and community life.
To have your event considered, please review our guidelines and complete the online application form by following this link:
Apply Here!
If you have any questions, please contact the Illinois Humanities Council at

2011 Annual Report
DCASE 2011 Annual Report
We are very proud that in our first year as the City's new Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, we produced more than 2000 programs that were free or at very little cost to our patrons, that's you!
We invite you to click here
and view our 2011 Annual Report for more details. In 2011 we granted more than a million dollars to over 500 arts organizations and artists, employed more than 12,000 artists at our free festivals and entertained more than 2.5 million people. Plus, our Chicago Film Office oversaw film production that resulted in more than $150 million in local spending and job creation.
Because of your support and great appreciation of culture and events, we can continue to serve you through this year and the next. We promise to continue to strive to bring you the best in entertainment, quality art exhibitions and installations, memorable gatherings and of course support the artistic and creative community throughout Chicago.
Thank you and we hope to see at a cultural or special event in 2013!

City Seal, Mayor Rahm Emanuel  DCASE logo

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