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Second Skins

Butoh dance-theater performances with

Nicole LeGette, Kyla Katz, April Noga & Carole McCurdy

  Sunday, August 5, 2012
  7 PM

  Suggested donation:
  $10 advance/$15 door or  773-327-7224

This event is part of LFA's current show, Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul: Lessons of the Wild Things
Please join us for Butoh dance performances with Nicole Legette ( Kyla Katz, April Noga & Carole McCurdy inspired by LFAC’s current art exhibit Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul. Butoh is a provocative, rigorous, expressive dance-theater that originated in 1960's Japan. These performances by four outstanding Chicago Butoh performers create a shifting, transmogrifying experience of body/time/space and place that stimulates embodied imagination, sensory metaphor and materiality in viewer and performer. (photo of Nicole Legette by Bob Morrison)

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Extinction & Nonexistence:

Creatures of a Metaphysical Realm

with Kristina Knowski

Thursday, August 9, 2012
7 - 9 PM

Suggested donation:
$10 advance/$15 door

Info/registration: or  773-327-7224

This event is part of LFA's current show, Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul: Lessons of the Wild Things

Image: Two Sides (c) Kristina Knowski

Each day, species around the world become extinct, disappearing from our world forever. When the last of a species become scientifically extinct, that animal crosses from their presence in our reality to a mysterious realm of nonexistence. When mythical animals are included in this realm, questions arise: Did these creatures exist as well? How can we identify a creature by name, but know it does not exist? What ultimately defines existence? 
Please join watercolor artist Kristina Knowski for a lecture and discussion on extinct species, nonexistence, and how and why these inform her artistic work. With a focus on extinct birds and the ethereal unicorn, Kristina’s paintings present the viewer with this unreal world. Two types of nonexistent creatures interact in this strange place, questioning one another's presence and purpose. Utilizing concepts from the philosophy of metaphysics, the unique animals in Kristina's large-scale paintings help question our perception of reality and touch on the fear of our own nonexistence. 

Kenny Klein in concert

Friday, August 10, 2012
8 PM

Suggested donation:
$10 advance/$15 door or 773-327-7224

Kenny Klein ( learned to play fiddle and to perform music on the streets of Greenwhich Village with such legendary bands as Paul Presti and the Pretzels and the New York Frets. As a young man, Kenny spent time in the Apalachians and in Europe, where he learned Bluesgrass, Old Timey, Irish and Gypsy fiddling. Kenny took to traveling full time with various bands and as a solo performer, performing at dozens of clubs, festivals, renaissance faires and other music venues, including Folk City (NY), the Bristol Renaissance Faire, Starwood Festival and PantheaCon. Kenny now lives in New Orleans, where he plays music in clubs and on the streets. Also a writer and artist, Kenny is the author of Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings as well as Fairy Tale Rituals, both published by Llewellyn.

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Himalayan Singing Bowls

with Edward Farnham

Saturday, August 11, 2012

7 PM
Suggested donation: $10 advance/$15 door

Info/registration: or 773-327-7224

Read Edward's article about Himalayan singing bowls in Transcendent Journeys ezine.

This performance features overlapping layers of sound healing modalities, including Himalayan singing bowls, ganta bells, ting shaws (cymbals), gong, and mantra.
The instruments are made by Tibetan monks both as a method of healing and as meditation instruments, as part of a highly symbolic spiritual process using an alloy of at least seven metals, including pure steel from asteroids that hit the world's rooftop in the Himalayas.  They are formulated by the monks to work on many planes of our multidimensional being and can facilitate emotional catharsis, the release of blocked energies, and healing from the physical to spiritual.  They sound beautiful with primary notes and layers of overtones.  Mantras are words of power that use the primal creative force of sound as primal emanations for affecting any facet of our universal experience.  Together the instruments and mantra can function on many levels for profound effect.

Edward Farnham has studied numerous spiritual and healing techniques, including Himalayan bowls and sound healing with Richard Rudis, and mantra with Thomas Ashley-Farrand and his wife, Margalo or Satyabhama, two of the world's foremost experts on Hindu mantra. Edward is a singer with the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus ( and a painter who attempts to use the creative force as a vehicle to the divine.

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Foundations of Shamanism:
Energetic Protection

with Joan Forest Mage

Sunday, August 12, 2012
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Preregistration required

For registration: 773-327-7224 or

Read Joan's article about Energetic Protection in Transcendent Journeys ezine.

Learn about your energetic, spirit body. You will learn to identify your etheric, emotional and astral bodies, and how to ground energy, release energy blockages, invigorate your chakras and protect your energy field. We will practice basic energy techniques such as simple yoga and tai chi exercises, sound healing, hands-of-light, power objects, crystals, and finding your power song and dance. We will align ourselves with the elements (air, earth, water, fire and ether) and experience how they help us shift energy. We will also examine the importance of intention and core beliefs in energy work. No prerequisite. Required reading: Mother Wit by Diane Mariechild. Energetic Protection is one of three seminars in Joan Forest Mage's Foundations of Shamanism Course. You can start the Course with any of the three seminars. The Foundations Course is the first of five levels (Courses) of the full Shamanic Training Program.

Please note: Joan will be teaching Foundations of Shamanism, the introductory series of seminars of her Shamanic Training Program, on June 24, July 14 and August 12, 2012. After that, the next time Joan will offer this Course is Fall 2013. This means that, after this summer, no new students will be able to start the program till Sept. 2013. This class may be taken for 7 NCBTMB credit hours**

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Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul
Lessons of the Wild Things

Art exhibit
June 28 - September 9, 2012

Free admission to exhibit & Closing Reception

Gallery hours:
Mondays & Thursdays 1:30 - 6:30 pm
    and by appointment

Image: Cheetah (c)  Sharon Bechtold

Connect with the spirit of our furred, finned and feathered friends through Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul: Lessons of the Wild Things, an art exhibit running June 28 - September 9, 2012 at Life Force Arts Center gallery, 1609 W Belmont, Chicago IL 60657. Closing Reception is Sunday, September 9,  2012 from 3 - 7 PM. Workshops, performances and other events related to the theme of animals will also be held as part of the show.
Since ancient times, humans have identified with the qualities and energies of animals. Myths and legends of all cultures abound with humans learning from and being aided by animals. From animals, humans can learn how to use intuition and body awareness; thrive in one’s immediate environment; survive and protect oneself through assertiveness or hiding; and nurture our young. Animals are masters of dealing with the elements, weather and navigation, and work in harmony with minerals and plants to balance the ecosystem. With their funny antics and unconditional love, animals are natural healers of humans.

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Queen of the Sun: A Private Screening

movie & discussion with Beekeeper Lenny Feldberg

Thursday, August 16, 2012
7 - 9 PM

Suggested donation:
$10 advance/$15 door or  773-327-7224

"Queen of the Sun" documents the honeybees' worldwide importance, describing how bees' pollinating activities play a critical role in the food chain and how the catastrophic "colony collapse disorder" could have severe consequences on our global food production.

After the showing of this nationally acclaimed documentary Lenny Feldberg, veteran beekeeper and member of Windy City Bees will share his thoughts and recommendations on backyard beekeeping in Chicago. What questions do you have regarding this important environmental issue? Drawing on experience earned through years of service to "The Queen" and with photos from his own hives, Lenny will open the floor to your questions.

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Learn How To Meditate

with Light Watkins

Friday August 17 2012
Free Intro Session 7 - 8:30 PM
Saturday August 18, 8 - 9:30 AM & 6 - 7:30 PM
Sunday August 19,
8 - 9:30 AM & 6 - 8 PM

info at
Pre-registration required. Please call (646) 450-3426 to register
The course is offered for a sliding-scale contribution

- Learn how to meditate in a way that feels deeply restful
- Beginners with busy minds and hectic lives are welcome
- Ancient but non-religious technique with straightforward instructions
- Short practice times with NO uncomfortable seated positions
- Gradual, step-by-step approach to learning and practicing
- Get results: you will be self-sufficient after only four 90-minute sessions

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Forecasting with Astrology:

Transits of Saturn & Uranus

with Joseph Polise 

Joseph Polise

Sunday, August 19, 2012
12 - 3 pm

$55/$45 early registration by August 15
Preregistration required

Info/registration 773-327-7224 or 

Joe Polise presents a series of classes on Forecasting with Astrology. Transits are the most popular astrological forecasting tool; while simple in concept, understanding both the salient and less obvious features of major transits is often challenging. In Transits of Saturn & Uranus, we will review how the transits of these major planets influence natal horoscopes. How we distinguish orb of transit's influence, the relative "strength" of various transits, and other issues will be addressed. Please bring your own charts and an 21st century ephemeris. This is one of three seminars on Transits. The other seminars are Transits of Jupiter & Uranus and Transits of Pluto.  Joseph Polise, C.A. NCGR-PAA, has been an active practitioner in astrology since 1990. He is vice president of Chicago's Friends of Astrology and Education Outreach Chair of Professional Astrologers' Alliance.

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Siria Family Channeling

Sharyl Noday

 with Sharyl Noday

 Thursday, August 23, 2012
 7:30 - 9 PM
 $25 advance; $30 at the door

 Info/registration: or  773-327-7224

 This event is held once a month on a Thursday

"The Channel and The Painter", an interview with Sharyl Noday by Liz Baudler in LFAC's Transcendent Journeys ezine

Experience a wonderful spiritual healing with Sharyl and the Siria Family! If there is anything you want to change and improve in your life, any "stuck" places, this is the event that can do it for you energetically. You will see Sharyl go into trance and bring through the beings of light called the Siria Family, who exist on the spiritual plane. They are funny, warm and wise, and they are here to assist us in our growth, and release the blocks that are holding us back in life. Their goal is to create heaven on earth. Witnessing Sharyl channeling is truly something to behold; this is real trance work. The end of the session is a meditation led by the Siria Family. It is powerful; you will have a shift. These beings love to heal, and that is their purpose in coming. You can trust Sharyl and the Siria Family.

Sharyl Noday is certified as an active Full Trance Channel and Channeling Teacher, and has over 25 years of study in metaphysics, multidimensioal consciousness and paranormal investigation. Please visit for more information.

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Through Animal Eyes
Why the World Works as it Does
Storytelling with Mark Kater

Friday, August 24, 2012
8 PM
Suggested donation: $10 advance/$15 door

This event is part of LFA's current show, Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul: Lessons of the Wild Things

Humankind has always looked to animals with admiration, gaining a greater understanding of life from the creatures of land, air and sea. Special rites and ceremonies were created to capture the animal world's strength, power, cunning, stealth and humor. Storyteller Mark Kater will present a program of stories humans have told about animals to explain the world and why it works the way it does.

Mark Kater studied storytelling at Emerson College Sussex, England and began his professional storytelling career in 1996. Mark is the resident storyteller at the North Park Village Nature Center in Chicago, and has performed at schools, libraries, festivals, parties, scouting events, campfires, senior centers, hospitals, corporations and community events. He particularly enjoys telling stories from his Cherokee heritage. Mark has had a long career in Chicago as a dancer and yoga and fitness instructor, and is happy to see one of his dreams manifested in the development, with his wife Sharon, of Harmony Yoga Reiki Center.

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Tales of the Sleeping Beauty

Native American flute performance
with Tatiana Chaika

Saturday, August 25, 2012
7 PM
$10 advance/$15 door or 773-327-7224

Read Liz Baudler's interview with Tatiana in LFAC's Transcendent Journeys ezine.

I dedicate this concert to the sleeping Beauty in each of us; to the power of Love, Light and Joy that is resting in the heart of the Human Being, just waiting to be awakened.I’ll combine the music of my heart with the sound of the Native American flute; merge it with loving touch of the Creator and the shining Light of Your Being.

You are just amazing in your tremendous Beauty and creative Power. Let’s dance together.
Tatiana Chaika was born and raised in southwest Siberia, Russia. She has performed in California at Mount Madonna Center, Gateways book-gift-music store in Santa Cruz, and hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Arroyo Grande. In addition to creating Healing Sound as a Native American flute player, Tatiana provides spiritual intuitive consulting, Energy Body Work as a Reiki Master, and Honey Application Art as a Master Teacher.

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Meeting Beasts Through the Beat

a concert with Kat Kidwell

This event is part of LFA's current show, Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul: Lessons of the Wild Things

Acoustic covers of popular songs about the human and animal worlds colliding, featuring Kat Kidwell singing with guitar and banjo while Brookfield Zoo roving naturalist Liz Baudler shares strange animal facts between songs. Visit

Kat Kidwell (who meows on command) kept pet cockroaches and studied animal anatomy as a kid, then at age 11 traded in her interest in veterinary medicine to spend her life playing music and helping other musicians.  A child of folksy, choral, poetic and punk influences, and with background experience playing a screaming cow in a musical, Kat has been strumming and singing for 11 years and performing live for almost as long, including three shows on WCNI 90.9.  Two of her paintings are part of LFAC's current art exhibit Animal Wisdom, Animal Soul. 

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Joseph PoliseOpen Drum Circle

with Cathy McManamon

Friday, September 14, 2012

8 - 10 pm

Suggested donation: $10
773-327-7224 or

Drumming is often called the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  Drumming has been shown to alter human brainwaves to an elevated state, reduce stress, speed healing, and just be plain fun.  Whether you have never played a drum before, have been drumming for years, or are somewhere in between, come join us for this open drum circle.  Drums of any kind, as well as shakers, tambourines, bells, sticks, vocals, body percussion, etc. are very welcome.  Some instruments will be available to borrow.  If you want to drum in the security of a group and perhaps try out some solo skills, this is a perfect place to do so!

Cathy McManamon is a musician who plays a variety of instruments.  A ritual drummer who enjoys supporting group energy and dynamics, Cathy has facilitated open drum circles and rhythm workshops at MuseCon, scout youth and leader events, and most recently at Life Force Arts Center.

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Beginning Astrology

with Lin Ewing

Mondays, September 10 - October 22, 2012
  (no class October 8)

7 - 9 PM
$180/$150 early registration by September 4

This 6-week beginning astrology course is designed for anyone who wishes to learn and master astrology. It covers the fundamentals of astrology and provides a solid foundation for more advanced astrological study.  There are no prerequisites for this course.   BEGINNING ASTROLOGY will teach you what astrology really is and how it works.  It will give you the skills to understand not only the planets, signs and houses, but also how everything relates and interacts through the "aspects" between them.  There are handouts/information given at each class meeting, and there will be a small amount of homework so that you have an opportunity to hone your skills.  When registering for the course, please give your birth date (month, day and year), the location (city, state and country if not the US) of your birth, and the exact time of your birth as it appears on your birth certificate.  This will enable the instructor to have your chart available for you at the 1st class so you can begin using your chart immediately.

Astrologer Lin Ewing is the proprietor of Astrological Details, where she practices astrology and also gives Akashic Record readings. 

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