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The Reviews of Tusk Tusk are in!
Don't miss these tremendous performances - Only three weeks left!
What the critics are saying...
"THIS is what theater is about.  Engagement at this level is as
rare as it is riveting. Don't miss it." 
- Splash Magazine

"As a showcase for teen actors - quite a few of whom Piven has trained during the last 40 years - it's a powerhouse...Director Jennifer Green's production has a decidedly grungier edge than one sees at this venerable story-theatre outpost."
-Chicago Tribune

"Using a cast of talented young actors, Jennifer Green stages a passionate, emotionally complex production, with Northwestern freshman Olivia Cygan establishing herself as a major rising talent in the role of Maggie." 
- Time Out Chicago

"[Jennifer] Green's cast delivers some thrilling performances, work that
belies their young ages." 
- Pioneer Press

"Reaching the highs and lows emotionally together with the physicality needed here would tax even a season actor yet Lunsky and Cygan (and little Stern) gave skilled and emotionally deep performances. The future is bright for these three."
-Chicago Critic

Iphigenia 2.0
Meet the playwright of Tusk Tusk!

Tusk Tusk
playwright Polly Stenham will be in town on Thursday, October 4.  Come see the play at 7:30pm, and then join us for a post-show discussion.

Artistic Director Jennifer Green returns to the Piven stage to direct the American premiere of Tusk Tusk, award-winning playwright Polly Stenham's striking play about family ties as an uncertain future looms. Stenham, one of the the youngest playwright ever to be produced at the Royal Court Theatre, creates an explosive story of London siblings left to fend for themselves after their mother goes missing. The story confronts difficult familial issues with a blunt, poetic, yet touchingly funny voice that speaks directly to a generation facing a world of upheaval and change.  Check out the  Tusk Tusk blog

Also at Noyes Cultural Arts Center - support our neighbor!

Next Theatre Company's Iphigenia 2.0 

Lookingglass Theatre's David Kersnar brings his unique brand of physical theatre to the Next stage.  An exuberant and modern retelling of Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides, Iphigenia 2.0 is filled with pop culture and musical references about the tragic ways in which history repeats itself. A great imperial power decides to go to war, taking an action so wrong that it sets the empire on the road to complete self-destruction. Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek army, must prove to his uncertain troops that the dangerous battle they are about to undertake is righteous and worthy by making the ultimate sacrifice. 

There's still time to support this new work!

There are only six days left for you to support our production of Tusk Tusk.  Please consider pledging ANY amount.  $5, $10, $100 - it all helps to underwrite this incredible new work.  Click here to make a pledge...

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box office: 847.866.8049

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