Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LACDA June Exhibits: Receptions Thursday, June 14

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
102 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
LACDA June 2012 Exhibits

Receptions: Thursday June 14, 7-9pm
In conjunction with the Downtown Art Walk

Ed Freeman "Urban Realty"

June 14-July 6, 2012
Reception June 14, 7-9pm

"Looking Forward"

Ten Artists to Watch
Selected by Nancy Meyer, LACMA
June 14-July 6, 2012
Reception June 14, 7-9pm
Jerzy Pietruczuk
Kristin Skees
Wanda Boudreaux
Mark G. Williams
Kate MacDonald
Steven Porter
Chang Kyun Kim
Robert Trempe
Paho Mann
Stephan Larson

In the Electron Salon:
June 14-July 6, 2012
Reception June 14, 7-9pm

Lynda Fay Braun
Echo Lew
Kristen Perkins
Michelle Elwazir
Marlene Siu
Juan Escudero
Tom Peck
Koala Yip
Lida Chaulet
Andrew Walker
Patrick McPheron
Keith Dotson
Alli Curtis
Gloria Merritt
Anne Troutman
Malena Assing
Elizabeth Newman Kuiper
Sarah Hadley

Coming in July:
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All International Rights Reserved.
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