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Life Force Arts Center Upcoming Events!

Tis' the Merry Month of May!

Come frolick at Life Force Arts Center

Please join us for events highlighting our art exhibit

Bridge to Eden

and many other programs


Bridge to Eden events

Courtly Consorte

Saturday, May 5, 2012
8 PM
$10 advance/$15 at the door

For info and registration: or 773-327-7224
Come celebrate Spring with a preview of Courtly Consorte’s Renaissance Faire music, also…
…hear some originals and covers from Kellyann and Aaron
Lend thine ear to the music of the Renaissance  as performed  by Courtly Consorte, a recorder  ensemble performing instrumental and vocal music to transport you to an earlier time of mystery and enchantment.   Courtly Consorte is a staple at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, performing there for the last 15 years, as well as for The  Real World of Faerie closing reception at Life Force Arts Center in May 2011.  Courtly’s music combines a blend of early music, renaissance, and folk music, with recorder and vocal music rounded out with guitar, mandolin, and bodhran to make a relaxing and entertaining time for all. Visit Courtly Consorte.
Courtly Consorte Ensemble Members:
  • Kellyann Binkowski on recorders and vocals
  • Aaron Hermann on guitar/vocals/mandolin/bodhran
  • Sue Niedzwiecki on recorders 

More information


Tales of the Sleeping Beauty
Native American flute performance
with Tatiana Chaika

Thursday, May 10, 2012
7:30 PM
$10 advance/$15 at the door

For info and registration: or 773-327-7224

I dedicate this concert to the sleeping Beauty in each of us; to the power of Love, Light and Joy that is resting in the heart of the Human Being, just waiting to be awakened.I’ll combine the music of my heart with the sound of the Native American flute; merge it with loving touch of the Creator and the shining Light of Your Being.
You are just amazing in your tremendous Beauty and creative Power. Let’s dance together.
Tatiana Chaika was born and raised in southwest Siberia, Russia. She has performed in California at Mount Madonna Center, Gateways book-gift-music store in Santa Cruz, and hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Arroyo Grande. In addition to creating Healing Sound as a Native American flute player, Tatiana provides spiritual intuitive consulting, Energy Body Work as a Reiki Master, and Honey Application Art as a Master Teacher.

More information

Celia in concert

Saturday, May 19, 2012
7 PM
Suggested donation:
$10 advance/$15 door

Listen to Celia's song about GMO's

Celia is a cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, & …..Tina Fey.  A
singer, songwriter, actress, and storyteller, she dishes up the most delicious concoction of the silly & the sacred. Celia has opened for notable authors: Marianne Williamson, Neal Donald Walsche, & Dr. Masaru Emoto. She has provided live music for Off Broadway’s “Rum & Vodka”, authored “Symbol” (Anthem to the Pentacle Quest) and her “Irish Tales” has been nominated Best Storytelling CD by Just Plain Folks (The Grassroots of Grammies).  Celia was born and raised in Wisconsin, currently resides in Prescott, AZ & is touring with her 9th album “For the Asking”. “Celia’s music calls Women to their glory and Men to their hearts.” Marianne Williamson author of  “A Return to Love” Visit:
Listen to full length samples at:


"Hey, You, Wake UP and Smell the Roses!"

with Mark Kater

Sunday, May 20, 2012
3 PM

Suggested donation: $10 advance/$15 door

Much of the “modern” world has found ways to seal itself away from the natural world. Yet, even within the sealed homes and businesses humans find ways to bring nature inside. Flowers, photographs, rocks and plants (many of them actually alive). I would like to invite you to a Storytelling event I call, Hey, You, Wake Up and Smell the Roses!
Stories of different nations will help us explore humankind's relationship to the flora world. There is a rich tradition in world culture as to how plants came to be, are used to aid us, cautionary tales to ponder, to bring us peace. I will select stories from Native American, European, African and Asian countries to highlight our relationship to the Green World. There will be a few surprises and a laugh or two along the way. In the end, I hope we will all have a deeper appreciation of of the gift just outside our doors.
Mark Kater studied storytelling at Emerson College Sussex, England and began his professional storytelling career in 1996. Mark is the resident storyteller at the North Park Village Nature Center in Chicago. His storytelling and workshop activities take him to schools, libraries, festivals, parties, scouting events, campfires, senior centers, hospitals, corporations and community events. Mark particularly enjoys telling stories from his Cherokee heritage. Mark has had a long career in Chicago as a dancer and yoga and fitness instructor, and is happy to see one of his dreams manifested in the development, with his wife Sharon, of Harmony Yoga Reiki Center.

More information


Amy Auset Rohn, Harpist:
Osiris the Green Man
& other songs

Saturday, June 9, 2012
8 PM

Suggested donation: $10 advance/$15 at the door

Info/registration: or 773-327-7224

Connect your heart deeper to the spirits of the Divine as harpist Amy Auset Rohn shares her love of music and myth through original songs from her CD, "Bentreshyt: Harp of Joy".  Both a composer and performer, Amy's songs express the stories of ancient gods and goddesses, giving her performances a sense of enchantment and mysticism. Allow the music to lead you to a place of serenity where you can hear the soft whispers of the deities of old telling their stories.  In celebration of LFAC's current art exhibit Bridge to Eden:The Green World as Artist, Auset will include new songs to Osiris the Green Man Himself. Shamanic singer-dancer Joan Forest Mage will join Auset for part of the performance.
An ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, Amy Auset Rohn is a sound healer and harpist devoted to the healing power of musicShe has a unique style of composition and released her first CD  "Bentreshyt: Harp of Joy" in September 2010.

More information »

Bridge to Eden:
The Green World as Artist

Art exhibit runs
April 21-June 19, 2012

Free admission to exhibit & Closing Reception

Gallery hours:
1:30 - 6:30 Mondays & Thursdays
& by appointment

Info: or 773-327-7224

image: Germination (c) Joan Riise, photo by Jonathan Leaf

Celebrate Nature as the greatest artist, and view artistic collaboration between humans and the plant world. More information

More May highlights


Connecting with Crystals

with Steven Blaine Adams

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
7 - 10 PM
Preregistration required

 773-327-7224 or
Read Steve's article about crystals in Transcendent Journeys ezine

This workshop is designed to give you essential principles and tools to build your relationship with crystals, and to understand and utilize their magical and healing properties. Each student will apply what they have learned by working hands-on with the crystals to create a pendant or earrings as a charm for their own or another's healing. You will receive valuable handouts about planetary and chakra correspondences, gemstone folklore, color theory, crystals for aura protection, gem remedies for healing, and how to do a divination reading with stones.

Steven Blaine Adams is an artist and designer who works with natural materials like stones and crystals to create symbols with spiritual resonance. He is LFAC's store designer,  and is on the curatorial committee for LFAC's art exhibits. Steve creates spirit-based jewelry, and has been a Tarot reader for 30 years.

This class may be taken for 3 NCBTMB credit hours**

More information


Tatiana Chaika
Native American flute class

Wednesdays, May 2 - 30, 2012
2 - 3 PM
Suggested donation: $10

For info and registration: or 773-327-7224

Would you like to express yourself in a gentle, poetical way? But think you’re not talented enough, or have no clue HOW to do it? Can you breathe and count to six?
Come join us and learn Native American Flute! You will be amazed at how easy it is to play the flute, and to express yourself through it. What to bring: Bring your flute, bring a friend, or just bring your self. Extra flutes will be available if you don't have one, and the instructor can give you information on purchasing a flute at low cost.
Let’s breathe together!


Foundations of Shamanism:
Shamanic Journeying

with Joan Forest Mage

Saturday, May 19, 2012
9 AM - 5 PM
Preregistration required

For registration: 773-327-7224 or

Read Joan's article "The Ten Attributes of Shamansim" in LFAC's Transcendent Journeys ezine

Learn the ancient shamanic journey meditation: traveling to the spirit realm to gain wisdom and healing from angels, ancestors, totem animals and other helpful spiritual beings. Learn about shamanic cosmology, the history and ethical basis of shamanism, and the ways shamanic practice applies to the modern world and to healing the web of all life. No previous experience necessary. Required reading:Singing The Soul Back Home by Caitlin Matthews. Foundations of Shamanism: Shamanic Journeying is one of three basic seminars in Joan Forest Mage's Shamanic Training Program. You can start the Course with any of the three seminars.

This class may be taken for 7 NCBTMB credit hours**

More information


Crystalign Method Module 1

 with Dr. Jennifer Harris, DC

 Sunday, May 20 2012
 6:30 - 9:30 PM
$120; $99 early registration by May 15
 Pre-registration required

 773-327-7224 or

Read Dr. Harris' article on the Crystalign Method in Transcendent Journeys ezine

THE CRYSTALIGN METHOD is a form of intuitive energy work that Dr. Harris developed to help her clients locate and release their "energetic trouble spots."  In her workshop, you will learn how to read the client's energetic field and practice different ways to release any trouble spots.  This experiential workshop is especially geared for Lightworkers who are looking to expand their repertoire, or those who would like to become Lightworkers. Jennifer Harris, DC is a practicing Chiropractor and Intuitive in Chicago, IL.  She is the founder of the Crystalign Method of Intuitive Energy Work.  Visit

This class may be taken for 3 NCBTMB credit hours**

More information

Siria Family Channeling

Sharyl Noday

 with Sharyl Noday

 Thursday, May 24, 2012
 7:30 - 9:30 PM
 $25 advance; $30 at the door

 Info/registration: or
 call 773-327-7224

 This event is held once a month on a Thursday

"The Channel and The Painter",
an interview with Sharyl Noday by Liz Baudler in LFAC's Transcendent Journeys ezine

Experience a wonderful spiritual healing with Sharyl and the Siria Family! If there is anything you want to change and improve in your life, any "stuck" places, this is the event that can do it for you energetically. You will see Sharyl go into trance and bring through the beings of light called the Siria Family, who exist on the spiritual plane. They are funny, warm and wise, and they are here to assist us in our growth, and release the blocks that are holding us back in life. Their goal is to create heaven on earth. Witnessing Sharyl channeling is truly something to behold; this is real trance work. The end of the session is a meditation led by the Siria Family. It is powerful; you will have a shift. These beings love to heal, and that is their purpose in coming. You can trust Sharyl and the Siria Family.

Sharyl Noday is certified as an active Full Trance Channel and Channeling Teacher, and has over 25 years of study in metaphysics, multidimensioal consciousness and paranormal investigation. Please visit
 for more information.

More information

Louis Colaiannia in concert

Friday May 25, 2012
Suggestd donation:
$10 advance/$15 door
Info/registration: 773-327-7224 or

The music of pianist Louis Colaiannia transforms musical notes into ethereal images that captivate the soul. Entrancing with its passion, his music will encompass your being allowing you to experience emotion in waves. Influenced by the works of such immortal composers as Beethoven, Mozart, and Rachmoninoff, Louis Colaiannia intoxicates with their same passion, complexity, and enchantment. Described by Scott Taylor, Veteran Radio Consultant and Award Winning Programmer, as an, "Incredible composer and performer with a touch of Tesh, Brickman & Yanni all rolled into one. His music is both soothing and uplifting, allowing the senses to feel every note." Visit

Life Force Arts Center proudly presents Louis as part of Sound & Spirit, our concert series featuring music for shifting consciousness, creating  meditative states, sound healing, and connection to spirit.

More information

Himalayan Singing Bowls

with Edward Farnham

Saturday, May 26, 2012
7 PM
Suggested donation:
$10 advance/$15 door

Info/registration: or 773-327-7224

Read Edward's article about Himalayan singing bowls in Transcendent Journeys ezine.

Edward's performance features overlapping layers of sound healing modalities, including Himalayan singing bowls, ganta bells, ting shaws (cymbals), gong, and mantra.

Edward Farnhamhas studied numerous spiritual and healing techniques, including Himalayan bowls and sound healing with Richard Rudis, and mantra with Thomas Ashley-Farrand and his wife, Margalo or Satyabhama, two of the world's foremost experts on Hindu mantra. Edward is a singer with the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus (
),and a painter who attempts to use the creative force as a vehicle to the divine.

More information

LFAC May Membership Drive

Life Force Arts Center is a
not-for profit, tax exempt 501 (c) 3 organization that provides many free and low-cost artistic, spiritual and educational programs to the community, including art exhibits, performances, workshops, lectures, and more. We present an average of 20 events each month!

Memberships and donations are a vital part of LFAC's income; only with your support can we continue. Your help is important and appreciated.

We invite you to take a moment to learn more about Memberships 
and the great premiums you receive. You can join online, by phone at 773-327-7224 or in person at the Center.
Stop by during our Gallery hours: 1:30 - 6:30 PM on Mondays and Thursdays, or at other times by appointment.

Yes! I want to join as an LFAC Annual Member!

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