Saturday, January 08, 2011

Popchips! The best bagged snack food I've ever had!

I just had my FIRST bag of POPCHIPS. Barbecue 
flavor. These are so delicious! I saved you one...
They were so good I scarfed down the bag in a quicker amount of time than I typed this post!
Popchips are all natural potato heat popped natural tasty snacks that do not contain preservatives,artificial flavors,or cholesterol.They have 0 grams of fat,0 grams of trans fat and are gluten free. These are delicious! Pictured is a composite of of the bag of barbecue Popchips and larger than life size chip.

To learn more about this new fabulous snack and the variety of flavors,and where to purchase Popchips,visit their website at:

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Borders Books on Michigan Avenue is now closed!

Borders Books on Michigan Avenue in Chicago Illinois has closed it's doors for good...The.End. SAD!
The British clothing retailer,'The Top Shop' will be opening there in the near future.

As for Borders, the other stores are still open.
The stores closest to the now shuttered Michigan Avenue and Pearson store is
the one on State and Randolph.

Check their website at:

Chicago gets world premiere of 'The Dilemma'!

This week Chicago got the red carpet world premiere of 'The Dilemma'!

'The Dilemma' was filmed in Chicago last year and over the summer the stars of the film attended the Chicago International Film Festival's tribute to Ron Howard.

This time they walked the red carpet again at the AMC River East Theater and all arrived with ear to ear grins,especially Ron Howard and new father Vince Vaughn! Vaughn told reporters he's very happy and his new born son is healthy. It was the first time the photo media caught him smiling so we know it's true! His wife was not present,she's most likely on new mom duty.

Winona Ryder looked super cute in her dark green velvet vintage Jean Patou dress.
My color photo of her wearing that is in this week's People Magazine and online here:,,20454460_20896275,00.html

Tatum Channing and his lovely wife Jenna Dewan had the fans screaming and waving their movie posters for autographs, Jennifer Connelly arrived all dressed up and she is expecting as is Kevin James wife Steffiana De La Cruz who walked the red carpet as well. Both ladies looked very elegant!

It was a fun and very quick photo op only to rush back to make deadlines around the world. The photo area was twice as packed and navigating an inch in either direction
just wasn't possible.
At the end of the night we realized hat all 16 sill photographer's would probable be able to fit in a British phone booth!

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

$20 Admission Coming For Taste Of Chicago?

$20 Admission Coming For Taste Of Chicago?

Lone bid for Taste of Chicago charges admission

That is what the Chicago Tribune is reporting!,0,7597924.story?track=rss

Dennis Tufano Oh-9 photo book-TWO books posted on ebay this week!

Two different copies of my Dennis Tufano Oh-9 photo book at a discount! Remaining copies! The publishers copies on are much more!

Save money while I have two posted on ebay this week:
One is a soft cover,the other is a hard cover with 'wrap cover' my personal favorite! Let me know if you would like them signed by me(Linda Matlow)
If you bring it to one of Dennis' shows,he will sign it as well.

We might be redoing a few pages on our blog next week that will include
copies of Dennis Tufano Oh-9 and my latest music photo book,'Hardcover' the revised edition. I am happy and proud that the limited edition sold out within 30 days!