Monday, November 07, 2011

iRenew Wristband The Cure for Procrastination ?

I first saw former Chicago Mayor Richard M.Daley on the news  last year wearing an energy bracelet. From that point on,so many pictures I saw of athletes,rock stars and actors sporting these curious thick 'magic rubber bands'
I received an iRenew silicone wristband  in the mail and thought I'd give it a try.
I don't normally wear any bracelets and don't even like to wear a watch so it took me a few days of staring at this on my desk before I took the plunge to wear it.

Day one.
Okay,I can't say I felt any different but I did get motivated to clean closets,files and my sagging bookshelves. Don't know where that energy came from,I've been staring at those projects for a good 3 years!
Day 2:Didn't feel any different but felt it was a good day to start back up on a low carb diet.
Day 3: Tackled my 4 foot stack of magazines,donated most of them to the hospital and local school.Read,sorted deleted over 2600 emails that have piled up.I'd been putting this off for awhile.
Day 4: Sorted thru massive amounts of paperwork,took a big step forward to set up a business meeting.

I don't know if i have more 'balance' since wearing the iRenew wristband  or  if it's just the placebo effect that  has had me tackle some long standing projects.But whatever it is,I think I'll keep this cute little iRenew wristband around. This could be a useful anti-procrastination device! Come to think of it,now that I have all of those projects out of my way I do feel more balanced and relaxed.
Hopefully it will get me thru the next 'Feng Shui' attack on my condo!

For more info:

Here is a piece for the local news I found when researching this bracelet:

Anecdotal Evidence Supports Energy Bracelets: Warren
Updated: Thursday, 14 Oct 2010, 8:51 AM CDT
Published : Thursday, 14 Oct 2010, 8:50 AM CDT
FOX Chicago News
We've had a lot of responses about the energy bracelets after we spotted Mayor Daley and a lot of athletes wearing one. Do they really work?
Here to help us sort out all the hype was personal trainer and Australian bodybuilder, Marcus Warren.

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