Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dennis Tufano Photo book Oh-9 $10 off Sale! Ends November 30,2011

Dennis Tufano Oh-9 Photo Book revised edition Photo Book..$10.00 off sale.This ends on November 30,2011.Receive your book in time for the holidays!

The publisher of my Dennis Tufano Oh-9 photo book is offering a $10.00
off sale on the book until November 30,2011.
To purchase the book and save $10.00 from any format of the book, click on the Blurb book icon below.It will take you to the website.
At check out you need to put in this promo code: BIGTEN

If you forget,there is no going back in their system,so be sure to include that!

Dennis tufano Oh-9 is a 40 page 7x7 inch square photo book with 50 photographs of Dennis Tufano,former 'original voice' of 'The Buckinghams'. The book includes early photos I took in 1980 and 1981 as well as candids,studio and performance images from various shows in 2009. Color and black and white and most are exclusive images!
This is a collaborative project with Dennis and he has written a few paragraphs for the book and given this project his blessing !
The books will not be sold at the shows! Books are too hard to lug around !
All images photographed with Canon professional cameras, Canon L series lenses , Canon flash units and Pocket Wizards.

The above photo of Dennis Tufano: © 2009 Linda Matlow/PIXINTL
All rights reserved.

Check out the official Dennis Tufano site:

posted by Linda Matlow

By Linda Matlow

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