Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patty Duke appearance at Valley of The Dolls special screening at The Music Box Theatre!

Academy Award winning actress Patty Duke made an appearance for the Camp Midnight one of a kind screening event, Valley of the Dolls.
Patty Duke, star of the infamous 1967 film, was present for the whole event. Camp Midnight kicked off the evening with a wacky, fun filled prime time pre-show featuring the actors of Hell in a Handbag Productions as your favorite Valley girls! There was a costume parade, Valley of the Dolls sing-a-long at the Music Box organ and more. The screening (complete with interactive audience guide and hilarious running commentary) immediately followed. Patty Duke surprised the audience as she walked down the aisle of the theatre and joined the actors on the stage at the Music Box theatre in Chicago Illinois.. A portion of the proceeds benefited the Queer Film Society.
L to R: seated: Ed Jones as Helen Lawson,David Cerda as Jacqueline Suzanne, Patty Duke and Richard Knight, Jr. (Dick O’Day’s alter ego),

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ricky Martin at Borders Books-attacked by alleged Crazy Drag Queen!

Poor Ricky Martin got hit on the head with an album by an allegedly crazy drag queen with green eyeshadow' as he was arriving for his signing at the Borders on Clark and Diversey in Chicago! He signed over 500 books,hugged alot of fans and a friend of mine reports he was 'pretty flirty!'

Watch the 'crazed fan' video here: