Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A kinder Gentler Perez Hilton ?

I've been noticing the past few days that Perez Hilton's blog is different from what it has been in recent months. I confess,I read it..

Today he made a special announcement that he's no longer going to be a bully! You'll no longer see him picking on female stars with the hurtful nicknames he created. He realized he's growing up and even stated that someday he wants children.
With tears in his eyes,he posted a video message on youtube:

I don't know how his new found attitude will play out with advertisers for the original perezhilton site but I'm sure this will open the door to new nasty bloggers that won't hesitate to step into his old shoes. Like the world needs more wastd bandwidth..

Personally I'd rather read a real paper magazine(or iPad edition) that put together an interesting story with beautiful creative photographs on a celebrity instead of paparazzi 'drive by shooting' photos or photos from a cellphone that are being more common place. After a few minutes of viewing blurry,fuzzy,ugly photos, I feel like I've wasted some serious time when reading most of the celebrity blogs out there.