Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dennis Tufano OH-9 Photo Book Available!

Dennis Tufano Oh-9 Photo Book revised edition is still available!

This is a 40 page 7x7 inch square photo book with 50 photographs of Dennis Tufano,former 'original voice' of 'The Buckinghams'. The book includes early photos I took in 1980 and 1981 as well as candids,studio and performance images from various shows in 2009. Color and black and white and most are exclusive images!

This is a collaborative project with Dennis and he has written a few paragraphs for the book and given this project his blessing !

The books will not be sold at the shows! Books are too hard to lug around !

All images photographed with Canon professional cameras, Canon L series lenses , Canon flash units and Pocket Wizards.

The above photo of Dennis Tufano: © 2009 Linda Matlow/PIXINTL

All rights reserved.

Here is the link for the revised edition. The first one is still there since orders had been placed at the time of publication placed.

Here is the link to the interview Skyline Newspaper did with Dennis Tufano and me in support of the book!

Check out the official Dennis Tufano site:

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By Linda Matlow