Friday, September 11, 2009

My book, Dennis Tufano Oh-9 has been published!

What becomes a legend most ?
He who has a book put out on him !

It's here,the BIG announcement I've been holding off on!
Linda Matlow has just published a photo book on Dennis Tufano today on his birthday,9/11/09

Dennis Tufano...Oh-9
photographs by Linda Matlow

Just released is my 40 page 7x7 inch square photo book with 51 photographs of Dennis Tufano former 'original voice' of 'The Buckinghams'. . Early photos I took of Dennis in 1980 and 1981 are included as well as candids,studio and performance images from various shows in 2009. Color and black and white and most are exclusive images!

This is a collaborative project with Dennis and he has written a few paragraphs for the book and given this project his blessing !

Since 1978 my entertainment photographs have been licensed in dozens of books around the world.
From Barry Manilow,U-2,Bruce Springsteen,R.E.M., Mr.T, Quiet Riot, William Shatner and even,"Haunted Places" to name a few.

This is my first book project on my own and I have 2 other books in the works with traditional publishers.

Dennis has always been a joy to photograph and I had alot of fun viewing hundreds of images before picking the favorites for this project.

Dennis Tufano Oh-9 is available for purchase at:

The book is printed on premium paper and available in hardcover
with dust jacket or hardcover with Imagewrap. Prices start at $35.95 plus shipping.

All images photographed with Canon professional digital SLR cameras, lenses , flash units and Pocket Wizards.

Photo above-Yes,you can tell a book by the cover! Dennis Tufano Oh-9 cover is above.
Photo © 2009 Linda Matlow

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posted by Linda Matlow 9/11/09

By Linda Matlow