Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dennis Tufano with The Cryan' Shames Bolingbrook Jubilee August 16,2009

The couple in the front row sure had the right idea..When it rains, get cozy together under the umbrellas!

What started off as the monsoon season in Bolingbrook turned out to be a beautiful day by the time Dennis Tufano along with The Cryan' Shames took to the stage for a 2 hour set for the Bolingbrook Jubilee.

Following Dennis & The Cryan' Shames was American English and Elvis impersonator Bob West. Bob "Elvis" West was backstage posing for photos with the other bandmembers after their set.

This show was a great way to finish off the week after Dennis,backed by The Cryan' Shames stellar performance on WGN-TV noon news on Friday!

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posted 8/18/2009 by Linda Matlow