Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dennis Tufano and The Cryan' Shames on WGN-TV!

I am happy to post a few of the images from Dennis Tufano and the Cryan' Shames performance,candids, and rehearsal on WGN-TV noon news from August 14,2009.

I will post more on my site after they've been sent to media and Dennis has had a chance to see them.

This was an appearance(clarified from interview) that was initially scheduled for a few months before and then had to be rescheduled.

Sorry this event was not posted in the blog,Dennis' site or Twitter beforehand.
All parties involved discussed it and thought it was better to wait until it actually aired before posting info that could have been subject to last minute changes.

In the news business, "Stuff happens" and features and entertainment get pushed aside for breaking news which was also the case today of why you did not see an interview to go along with the great music!

This was a great day for all !

Special love,gratitude and Thank-yous to: Jan Hughes, Tom Barnas, WGN-TV staff,Steve Sanders and Tom Skilling for stopping by the set to say hello !


Pictured above is Dennis Tufano arriving to the Green Room prior to the show taping.
Dennis Tufano with WGN-TV anchor Steve Saunders
Dennis Tufano,The Cryan' Shames, Steve Saunders,Tom Skilling
Dennis Tufano performing

Here is the WGN-TV video: