Saturday, March 21, 2009

UFO flying over Lake Michigan or lamp reflection ?

I am just getting around to editing images I shot last year and last weekend..Yes,I am that far behind in post processing for stock images.

Anyway, this just popped out of my folder from images I shot last weekend at Navy Pier in Chicago. I have this frame which shows something on the upper right area in the sky. At a 100% crop it seems to show slight motion though the whole image is very sharp.
The frame before shows only 1/2 of this object. I don't remember seeing it when I photographed it but do remember thinking I should recompose since something bright jumped in the frame. The light was changing so rapidly,getting dark so quickly the two images were probably 1 second or less apart.
This was shot with a Canon EOS 40D, 100ISO RAW, Canon 24-105mm L IS USM lens,manual exposure.

Post Process is from RAW image in Adobe Lightroom;color enhanced and a few sensor dust spots removed from clouds in Photoshop CS3,curves adjustment and noise reduction also added. Gloomy skies,underexposure tends to show noise/grain.

So,if you are out at Navy Pier in Chicago any time soon walking thru the meeting halls A&B by the windows on the lake side facing south,please look up and let me know if there is any light fixture or object that could resemble the object in the photo. If not,I will just add this to my ever growing collection of Virgin Mary sightings photos,ghosts, UFO's and photos I shot so long ago I can't even remember who or what they were!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey Baby He's Playin' Your song!

Dennis Tufano,original voice of The Buckingham's performs with The Cryin' Shames and Ronnie Rice. It's a benefit for the Education Foundation of Downer's Grove(Illinois) District 58.

Saturday March 21, 2009 7:30 p.m.

General Admission tickets are $40.00

See this site for more info:

or call:Debbie Drews at 630-960-0427
or email

Check out Dennis Tufano's site at:

Photo courtesy and copyright to:

Monday, March 16, 2009

The first install of "Good News Monday"

Tired of the never ending stream of Bad news ?
I am!

So,on Monday's when time allows,I will try and find some good news to post. Mind you-this is going to be mainly Chicago focused!

Heads up Space Cadets:

For those that are interested in such things.....

The International Space Station (ISS) and Shuttle Discovery (STS-119) will be flying over the Chicago area this evening. They will both be big and bright, no flashing lights, moving quickly through the sky. The short story is be outside at 7:45 pm, if the skies are clear, and look for a bright object rising in the SW sky heading towards the east. Then, after the first one sets look back towards the SW for a second one.

The details:

The ISS will pass over first, rising from the SW at about 7:46pm, climbing to a maximum altitude of 54 degrees in the SE at about 7:49pm and then setting in the ENE at about 7:51pm. Right behind the ISS will be the Shuttle Discovery rising from the SW at about 7:53pm, climbing to a maximum altitude of 46 degrees in the SE at about 7:54pm and then setting in the E at about 7:55pm.

Questions? Call or email or go to:

Billy Dec opening a new restaurant in Wrigleyville!

Just received this via email from Billy:

Dear friends & family,

We have an entirely new restaurant project we just took on that is going to open in about 45 days! If you know anyone that may be looking for work, let them know right
in case you want to check out and/or forward on-
Take care- and hope to see you soon!


The stock market continues its 4 day streak..At 1:30pm the DOW is up 105 points!
Ok,so at close it was down 7.01 points. No gains but not scary either!


Nice day today. 1:46pm 56 degrees!