Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dennis Tufano photographs for sale!

Dennis Tufano photographs for sale!

I've made available a few images from my photo book, "Dennis Tufano Oh-9" available for sale. The images online have a watermark over them which will not appear on purchased prints. Our online site does all of the credit card fulfillment as well as printing and shipping directly to the customer. We do not receive your personal info.
I will be posting more images of Dennis as time allows!

Dennis is a partner in this project! I've been in the entertainment media for most of my adult life and I believe it's the right thing to do(and the legal thing to do too!) is to make sure that artists I would sell prints of receive an equal share of all sales. Performers need to eat too ;-)


Prints are for personal use only and may not be duplicated,published,posted on the web,online groups, social media services,etc.. These images are to frame and enjoy!

About the photographer:
Linda Matlow has been a professional photographer since 1980. Her photos have been published over 30,000 times in magazines,newspapers,books,television shows,CD covers and advertisements around the world. She is founder and President of Pix International,LLC ("PixIntl") photo feature agency with offices and affiliate offices in: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London,Vancouver, Sydney,Paris, Berlin and Madrid.
Check the Linda Matlow,PixIntl website at: http://pixintl.com

My photo book, Dennis Tufano Oh-9 available for sale after you've clicked the image!

By Linda Matlow

Check out the official Dennis Tufano website:


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  1. Maureen12:19 AM

    Dear Linda Matlow-
    Thank you for lecturing for our music and media group last week. You were so fun to listen to and I hope you'll consider doing it again!
    It was fun to learn more about Dennis Tufano. I remember all of those great songs that my twin sister and I use to dance around the house to in the 1960s.
    I was recently laid off from my office job and my son is in a band and I want to learn all that I can to help him be productive in such a competitve field.
    Your lecture pointed out so many things to consider and so many options that I have 15 pages of notes I've bene going over.Once again,thanks for taking the time out to provide us with such a fun night sharing your experiences and time.I wish you the best and Dennis Tufano--long live this wonderful man with the beautiful voice! He can't go wrong with your knowledge and passion!

    Oh-another thing; I love your dress and shoes. You had mentioned you were called from a dinner party at The Four Seasons and you looked exquisite.
    What designers were your dress and shoes from ?

    Thank you!

  2. Linda Matlow1:04 AM

    Hi Maureen,
    Thanks so much for the compliiments. I am glad that I was able to help out and will probably be doing something similar at a couple
    of events in 2010.
    My dress was a 1920s vintage silk lace bead and velvet flapper dress purchased in Europe a few years ago. My friends that have seen it refer to it as the "Carrie Bradshaw Season 5 flapper dress". Quite similar except mine is a bit longer.

    My dry cleaners had informed me that the dress is 'missing' and they are doing all they can to locate it...

    My vintage black velvet and lace jacket is Chanel and came from my friends closet. I've been trying to locate something similar for at least 15 years.

    The shoes are new,
    Christian Louboutin


    Feticha Metallic python leather heels under the 'Skins' catagory. They are very high(at least for me) and hard to spend alot of time in but I still love them. Four inches is way too high for me !

    Purchased from the Loubitan store on Madison Ave in Manhattan

    near the Whitney Museum (near 75th /76th ?

    They were purchased in September but I am not sure if they still have them but maybe Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack would ?

    Thanks again! I don;t think anyone has asked what I was wearing since 1983 ? I don't dress up often but was attending an incredible event prior.
    Linda Matlow


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