Friday, January 12, 2007

LL Cool J at Borders Books in Chicago-looking alot like the cover!

I have to say,this is THE FIRST celebrity fitness/workout/health book I have ever noticed that the author looks like the cover of the book they are promoting. Amazing and true! Hundreds of fans lined up for the event with one or more books in hand. Many of the women weren't really aware of what the book was about since they were content with taking the book home and framing the cover-6 pack abs and all.

Borders on Michigan Avenue hosted LL Cool J (Todd Smith) for a signing of his new book, “LL Cool J's Platinum Workout”. LL Cool J, three-time Grammy-winning rapper, television and movie actor, and best-selling author, shares his personal workout regimen in a revolutionary new program that promises to help anyone build muscle and burn fat en route to 6-pack abs.

LL signed autographs,hugged everyone wanting a hug and kept his shirt on,sunglasses on and hat on the whole time I was there covering this event. Just in case you'd want to know.

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