Wednesday, August 23, 2006

McCormick & Schmick's summer soiree for media

McCormick & Schmick's held a summer soiree for media to experience their new outdoor patio and a variety of very tasty food items.Though the opening of the new loop location on Wacker Drive opened in July,the front patio was closed.
So now it's open and it's wonderful! Not only will you experience an incredible menu prepared by top rate chefs but this has to be one of the best people watching spots in the city.Not to mention the stellar views of Marina City,Wrigley Building,Michigan Avenue and the construction of Trump Tower. I happened in at the tail end of the event and was offered a " Lobster Martini. "
It's not on the menu *yet* but I have hope it will be. It's not a real cocktail but fresh lobster meat in a martini glass with mango salsa. Absolutely delicious as was the seared tuna and the beef tenderloin the manager acquired for me. :-)

Pictured above:
*Seared yellow fin tuna with ginger wasabi and cucmber salad "sushi salad"
*a single portion of carrot cake ..(Their real serving of carrot cake is a 6 layer cake,cream cheese frosting,dusted in coconut, drizzled in caramel sauce)
*Tuna sushi
*The Lobster Martini!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels headlined the Chicago Air and Water Show along the lakefront

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels headlined the Chicago Air and Water Show along the lakefront.

Spectators watch the grand finale in the lakeview area of Chicago.


Fast! Loud!

One thing I've learned about air shows. It's far better to be outside watching the show than being inside and jumping to the ceiling in a lakefront highrise every time a plane sneaks up next to your building.Another thing I've learned: When there is a bad weather day for an air show,don't listen to the afternoon news when they interview the pilots! I heard that one pilot said they were not use to flying around highrises and with the bad fog could not see them very well! Ok,that's real comforting..

Till next year!

Photos© Linda Matlow/PixIntl All rights reserved.