Saturday, August 19, 2006

E! News co-anchor Giuliana DePandi discussion and signing for her new book,Think Like A Guy

E! News co-anchor discussed and signed copies of Think Like A Guy at Borders Books & Music Michigan Avenue store.
Ever wonder why some women get the guy and others end up in therapy wondering what went wrong ?

This book might have the answers on the rules of dating from a woman's perspective on how a man views women's words and actions and how to avoid the trap,keep your sanity and be that bird of perfect mystery he can't wait to be with. You could always read the long as infinity daily or weekly musings of Christian Carter's "Catch Him And Keep Him" on men and relationships.However that will probably keep you too busy reading for a year to even date anyone.Or, you can pick up this nice size softcover at your local Borders and get some good sage advice at a user friendly price.

I never thought I'd agree with a relationship book but this one does have some witty reminders on life and love that after awhile you just forget.

When men show up at a booksigning and nod their head in "amen style" agreement during a book discussion like this; rest assured the author is onto something.

Happy reading.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tommy Chong discussion and signing for "The I CHONG" at Borders Books on Michigan Ave.

Tommy Chong delighted fans with stories from his past and his new book The I CHONG at Borders Books and Music on Michigan Avenue.In the 1960s he was very popular as the other half of the Cheech and Chong comedy duo.

Their innovative second album even included a giant "rolling paper" that made them popular with their "smokin' fans."

His book is in stores now and will make a nice stocking stuffer.No rolling paper included!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend update:Fleet Feet Elvis is Alive 5K Run in Lincoln Park in Chicago Illinois

Fleet Feet Elvis is Alive 5K Run in Lincoln Park in Chicago Illinois

The event held in Lincoln Park started with participants that were dressed as "Elvis" posed at the starting line.Thousands of small banana and peanut butter sandwiches were on hand
for the post run as was the Gatorade and bottled water.
Sean Conroy,24 a student from Dublin Ireland came in at first place in the run.He was the first person to win the race that was wearing an Elvis costume.
Chicago's nationally acclaimed Elvis impersonator, Mark "Elvis" Hussman headlined the post run concert and Chicago's own Alice Peacock dressed "Elvis-ish" for fun complete with black wig.
WCKG's Buzz Kilman joined in on vocals and harp.
Miss Teen illinois Courtney King and Miss Illinois Tonya Tibbs were celebrity guests.
The proceeds from the Elvis Is Alive 5K benefitted Rock for Reading to help fight the rising trend of illiteracy and renew interest in reading. Rock for Reading was founded by nationally recognized singer, songwriter Alice Peacock.Peacock hammed it up for the photographer after her performance.

above photos : *Sean Conroy reaches the finish line.
*Miss Teen Illinois Courtney King
* Miss Illinois Tonya Tibbs
* Singer Alice Peacock dressed "Elvis-ish" for her performance which was way too brief!
* Elvis impersonator, Mark "Elvis" Hussman

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