Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Charlie Sheen..What are the odds?

Nation Wonders What’s Next for Famed Actor?
  Charlie Sheen has been in the public eye for over thirty years and has been making headlines for almost as long. When news broke last week that he has been diagnosed with HIV, the nation responded with a mix of sympathy, surprise, and resolution. It appears that Sheen’s well-publicized partying lifestyle has caught up with in a devastating manner. Fans and critics alike wonder what’s next for the TV and film star. Will Sheen take a break from working to focus on his health? Will he use his public forum to raise awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle? Helping fans with all the speculation, the best and newest online source for unbiased gambling reviews and information, OnlineGambling.lv
posted odds on what to expect for the 2015 holiday movie season!
“Charlie Sheen has been a polarizing figure for quite a while,” stated OnlineGambling.lv spokesperson Allan Kingsley Jones.  “The future for the tabloid and entertainment star is more unknown than ever!”
Analysts at the website OnlineGambling.lv posted odds for Charlie Sheen’s future:

What’s next for Charlie Sheen?:
  • Sued by a former partner: 4/1
  • Checked into rehab: 8/1
  • Stars in a new TV sitcom: 10/1
  • Comes up with another catchphrase or “Sheenism”: 15/1
  • Gets arrested: 20/1
  • Re-marries: 25/1
  • Starts a HIV/AIDS Foundation: 25/1
  • Gets a spokesperson deal: 30/1
  • Wins an Emmy: 45/1
  • Retires from acting: 50/1
  • Donates all of his money to AIDS research: 60/1
  • Gets a late night talk show gig: 60/1
  • Speaking tour with Magic Johnson: 75/1
  • Wins an Oscar: 90/1
  • Goes into politics: 100/1
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Prairie Grass Cafe Gives Back on Giving Tuesday Through Shedd Aquarium Sustainable Partnership


2015 white LOGO

Prairie Grass Cafe Gives Back on Giving Tuesday 
Through Shedd Aquarium Sustainable Partnership
On Tuesday, December 1, Prairie Grass Cafe is joining the giving season with an otter-ly awesome #GivingTuesday celebration. "Our participation, like others," is so important," says Sarah Stegner, Chef/Partner of Prairie Grass Cafe with Chef George Bumbaris.
PGC GivingTuesday
Prairie Grass Cafe is offering a otter-ly delicious special dinner on the 1st. Dining like the otters.

The dinner special features Pollack in a Panko Breadcrumb Crust with a Crab Butter Sauce ($26) - a portion of the sale will go to the Shedd. 

In keeping with Prairie Grass Cafe's mission, the restaurant continues its Sustainable Fish Fry, every Thursday and Friday. Fish & Chips entrées are available at lunch and dinner. The prices vary depending on what's in season and fresh on any particular day.

According the Shedd, it costs nearly $20,000 to feed their otters for a year. Sea otters eat 25 percent of their body weight daily. That's equivalent to our eating 25 or more one-pound burgers a day!

Keeping up with their diet is expensive. In one day, the Shedd's largest otter, Yaku, eats more than 5 pounds of clams, almost 1 pound of both capelin and squid and more than 2 pounds of both shrimp and Pollack.

For nearly 50 years, Shedd has helped in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in urgent need, including sea otters from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 and their beloved pup Luna, whom they welcomed last year after she was stranded off the coast of California.

That's why this #GivingTuesday, #YouOtterGive to Shedd to support these furry mammals with a healthy appetite.Dining at Prairie Grass Cafe will help.

Dive into this new tradition of generosity by donating to the Shedd today. Learn more about how #YouOtterGive and following the Shedd on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates!
Follow Prairie Grass Cafe news here.
Shedd Aquarium

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Musician Harvey Mandel undergoing 25th surgery for cancer.Please help!

 This just in from Harvey Mandel's sister,Rose Mandel

"Hi Friends...Snake is having his 25th surgery tomorrow November 19th, please keep him in your thought and prayers. I don't know how he's doing it, my brother Harvey has shown a level of inner strength and courage that I have never witnessed in someone before. This has been a very long road and the ending is still uncertain. Many thanks to my friends that have shown their love and support to both of us...I can't thank you all enough! xoxo  :-) "

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